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25 Seater and 26 Seat Plymouth Coach Hire

25 26 Seat Plymouth Coach Hire

Coach Hire Plymouth has modern fleet of coaches will be ideal for your event. This will be the perfect coach for your small group. The maximum number of passengers is 26.

How would you feel if you had the privilege to play your desired music? Our entertainment is full of amazing choices to keep you company throughout the trip. We have DVD players that have the latest songs. You can also do some work on our portable laptops. There are also magazines, journals and novels which you can enjoy reading. There are also daily newspapers which will be at your disposal. You can read current issues and solve some Sudoku puzzles.

Our outstanding features includes reclining seats, air conditioning, trailer if require and so much more. The luggage capacity is enough to fit in all the bags that you have tagged along with.

Planning for a vacation at The Imperial Plymouth? This is a place that has outstanding accommodation and delicious menus. Your family and friends will enjoy all these amazing offers at an affordable rate. We will be happy to take you there and leave you to enjoy your vacation.

We have you covered when you are travelling together on a short trip and long distances as well. We will make you enjoy the trip with our classic vehicles. There is everything a passenger can need in our coaches. We have minimized stopping along the roads for a snack and drinks. You are guaranteed that your trip will be contented and smooth.

Our services are quality yet affordable. Our clients always feel that they can count on us anytime.

Travelling with no entertainment is nothing but boring. We have equipped or coaches with the best entertainment facilities to make sure you enjoy your trip. We have exclusive seats made of pure leather. Our air conditioning will leave you with a breath of fresh air. The overhead heating system is also available to ensure what you are warm when it gets cold.

Our chauffeurs are exceptional. They have undergone training for years under the transport industry. They have been trained for first aid and proper etiquette. This is very important especially for long distances.

No one enjoys hanging out around the airport or anywhere else waiting for transportation. We always organize a place where we can meet and pick you. You will always find us there waiting for you. We also understand that time is vital when traveling hence we constantly keep time.
The residents of Plymouth always trust us to deliver amazing services. We are proud when we drop clients in their destination safe and sound. For this reason, we have perfected our safety measure in our coaches. There is a safety belt in each seat. Our drivers always ensure that every passenger is neatly tucked in his or her seat before departure. The tracking devices are also installed in every vehicle. This helps us to tighten our security measures.

For more information on our amazing packages, you can look us up online. Our online page contains our email address and cell number. When you book any of our coaches we will respond without delay. When you are also confused and don't know which one to pick, we can help you make the right decision. We are always happy to serve our clients. Travel with us and arrive in style.